Singapore Standard Model Apartment of The Sunview Town

Sunview Town is a project of modern commercial complex zone with Singapore standards where has attracted more than 400 households to live here

Sunview Town project in Thu Duc district is invested by DAT XANH Corporations. Sunview Town is the modern commercial complex project which consists of 4 blocks with more than 1,600 apartments. They are designed in accordance with Singapore Standards, open space, helping residents creative freely, their layout match the aesthetics and personal preferences, but they still take advantage of every square meter of apartments.

Singapore style Model House with luxurious interiors. Their area are from 54m2 to 69 m2.

Only from 699 million, customer can own a apartment with full modern facilities. According to investor’s information, the project has attracted more than 400 households joined Sunview Town community. Currently, Sunview Town plan to sale phase 2 of Sapphire block. Comparing to the first apartment’s cost; the price of apartments in a new block was revised up, and continuing to increase value per square meter in the future.

As reported by the Ministry of Construction, the apartment below 15 million / m2 now is attracting the attention of investors as well as people have real need.

DAT XANH Corporation’s investor introduced the program “View the Singapore apartment, Singapore Tourism”, with plenty of attractive gifts including Singapore trip for 2 persons, LED LCD, microwave and blender, ext.

The increase in value over time of Sunview Town Apartments is compatible with the development of the Eastern urban area of HCM City. Currently, the price of land per square meter in the center of Thu Duc District is 5 times higher to 2010 (according to Decision 102 dated 24-12-2009 on the land price).

Located at the Eastern of the City, Thu Duc district appreciated by traffic advantages which connected to the Ring Road, Hanoi Highway, Highway13, and the Rail, Infrastructure works and this facilitates the new population distribution and socio-economic development in the region.

Phòng khách căn hộ Sunview Town

Phòng khách căn hộ Sunview Town

Please contact our hotline to find out more Information about the Project: 0902 720 139.

Currently, the construction of tall buildings concentrated in the central area of the district and areas close to the main street. Traffic Network of Thu Duc district is arranged in the Northwest-Southeast and Northeast-Southwest that creates a favorable interaction with others, the inner Ho Chi Minh city, Bien Hoa city, the South Pacific industrial areas; the main roads of the City.

On 23/8, DAT XANH Corporations celebrated the Singapore Standard Sunview Town Model Apartments at project’s campus (it located on Go Dua Street, Thu Duc district). Model houses consist of 3 adjacent apartments on 3rd floor of the Ruby block from 52 m2 to 69 m2, suitable to young families. Model House helps clients visualize the image of your own apartment in the future.


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